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5 Things I Like About Being a Social Media Manager

For those of you who are thinking of adding social media manager to your resume, or running your own business social media account, this blog post is for you.

I believe social media management is great for personalities who like change and versatility.

If any of you are familiar with Myer Briggs, my personality type is ENFP, which is always-changing, sociable --- but needs alone time, and spreading positivity in any form. I can say this is me through and through, and social media gives me the outlet to play to my strengths.

I've only stuck with one job in my life, and that's yoga. It engages me in a way that nothing else can. It's the way I get to connect to people, help people, help myself, do what I love, and make money doing it. There's nothing like it. I'm beginning to feel that same way about social media management.

So for those of you out there who are like me, easily adaptable, able to think on your feet, and like to creatively move at a quick and busy pace... this is for you!!!

Here is a shortlist of why I enjoy working as a content creator/ copywriter/ social media manager.

1. Make Your Own Schedule

Here's the thing, I like having a schedule, I've had one my entire life and a quite hefty one at that, BUT I like having the freedom to change my schedule.

Freelancing, in general, gives you the liberty to switch up your schedule as you see fit. The only thing set in stone on your schedule are usually meetings, and even then (for the most part) you can control what day and time you have them.

2. Creative Expression

There is always a creative element in whatever I do. My job description includes but is not limited to... creating graphics, selecting photos, writing copy for social, blogs, and newsletters. I like to focus on health and wellness subjects, but for the agencies I work for, I create content of all kinds.

Playing with different color palettes, styles of writing while coming up with different templates and patterns gives the job a spice of life.

3. Always Learning

Constant learning is a part of any job, but it makes a huge difference when you're learning about something that actually excites you. In social media, trends are constantly changing and evolving, it's fun staying on top of them.

Unfortunately and fortunately I avoid boredom as much as possible, so I'm continually keeping myself busy by trying new things. There are new elements to social media almost every week, staying up to date with those, watching videos on youtube, and learning through courses keeps it fresh.

4. Working with different people

When you work in social media, you're sure to be connected with a lot of people. For instance, I work for 2 very different agencies, one all-girl power group, and another agency that's more laid back. Then I have a full-service client that has ideas as quickly as I do and I love the topics that we brainstorm and execute.

Being amongst so many people always fuels me with new ideas and new ways to grow as a person and a leader. I'm constantly feeling supported and excited about my virtual interactions.

Don't get me wrong, it can get overwhelming at times, but that's when you take a break and come back fresh with an organized strategic plan.

5. Being Able to See Real Results

If you're the type of person that gets motivated by seeing the impact of your work, then social media managing might be for you. It's exciting for both me and the client when a post pops up and people start engaging with it.

Also, it's pretty clear to see what isn't working and making adjustments along the way.

Social metrics are a great way to tune into the overall picture, how many website clicks, how many engagements, how many people came in through hashtags, etc. It gives you a clear indicator of growth if you keep track of them.

This is just my list of good things, and overall the feeling is good. However, if you want to hear the less preferable side as well, leave a comment below and I'll start writing it up for you!

shine bright,


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