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4 Social Media Tips in 2020

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Let’s face it, we’re living in a digital age. As the planet of change, Uranus, moves through the sign of stability, Taurus, (March 2019 - April 2026), the way things once were are no longer. We're on a fast track to evolution, as our stability gets disrupted and we’re forced into innovation.

That’s kind of nerve-wracking and exciting all at once.

But here’s the thing with this transit of change, if you adapt to change easily, wow, you can step into true abundance, but if you don’t embrace change, it’s easy to get left behind and become obsolete.

So since no one wants to be old news, I’m here to help you stay fresh in the new world.

As we settle into this digital age, and more entrepreneurs begin to evolve, it’s important to stay ahead of the game. As someone who has been consistently using the social media world for marketing purposes, I’m here to help you navigate how to use social media as the free marketing tool that it is.

Seriously, it’s FREE and it can help you find your ideal clients, earn money, and grow your business. Yes, it will take your time and effort, but what good thing doesn’t?


Keep the content flowing by creating it all at once. Sit down and make all your content for a month over the course of a week.

Make all the things!! The Instagram posts, the blogs, the youtube videos, and have your content all ready to go. You don’t have to do everything at once, you can focus on one thing at a time. OR you can hire someone like us, who will make some of your monthly content for you.

Batching saves you from taking time out of your daily life to make posts and come up with content on the fly. When you batch, you're more likely to be thoughtful about your content and come up with a logical plan. This leads me to my next point…

Use Content Calendars:

When creating content, it’s much easier and faster to follow a plan. Maybe Monday is a motivational day and Thursday is a throwback day. When you create content topics to follow, it simplifies the brainstorming process.

Following a content calendar will also help your page show purpose and organization. Clients will appreciate purchasing from someone who is clear on their purpose and continuously there.

Organization and consistency is the key to the success of a business. Getting your content together in advance ensures that your content remains consistent. This is especially useful during the busy times that would have otherwise gone without posts.


The colors and the style that you choose for your brand should reflect your company. Your thumbnails for youtube, your social media posts, the style of your pictures, should all be congruent with how you would like to be portrayed as a brand, and the types of clients you would like to attract.

You may go through a couple of styles before you decide on one, but try to keep it consistent once it’s decided. Some other things that shouldn’t change much, your colors, your fonts, and your voice.

I once heard that it takes a person 7 times of seeing an ad before it actually registers. In creating a brand, you give potential clients a way to recognize and register your product over time. Branding gives you the power of being seen.

Free Materials:

Free materials can be given in the form of blog writing, youtube videos, monthly newsletters, or what have you. They are a way to spread your knowledge to those who can’t afford your services OR those who are interested but may need more convincing.

If someone watches your youtube video or reads your blog they’re more likely to do the following: ask you more about your product, talk about you to someone they know, and/or share your content.

Not only will free materials serve as a gateway to your website and other accounts, but the content can be used through all different channels. Say you write a blog, you can post a graphic for it on Instagram, you can use it in a newsletter, you can do a video about it on youtube. Free materials can be repurposed, so not only do they help potential clients, but it also helps you.

Use your knowledge to empower people, but also promote your product for those who may be interested in buying.

How can Calming Graphics help you with Social Media Marketing?

If you understand all the ends and outs of social media marketing but don’t have the patience or time to put in that type of work on social media, or maybe you don’t understand it at all. Either way, it’s all good, we’re able to help you.

Calming Graphics has social media content packages where we create content specifically for your brand. Whether it’s Instagram posts, blog writing, or a newsletter, we got your back!

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments and follow us @thecalminggraphicsinc.


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