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 Earthy Tones, Bold Colors, Light Colors, Simple, Attractive, Informative

Ideal Clients

Health and Wellness, Food, Music, Yoga, Life Coaching, Beauty


Candice's journey as a performer in majorettes, show choir, and track field has shaped her in more ways than one. Through these experiences, she not only developed confidence but also learned the values of consistency and determination—essential traits in the dynamic world of social media.

Having held team captain roles, Candice is well-prepared to lead the Calming Graphics team. Her leadership skills, honed through years of guiding and motivating her peers, ensure a cohesive and successful collaboration.

Passionate about empowering her clients, Candice finds joy in helping them shine on camera. With her expertise, she provides guidance and support to bring out their best performances. Furthermore, she takes pride in transforming their visions into reality on their social media pages, breathing life into their ideas and capturing their essence.

Tanja, a versatile creative, brings a unique blend of talents to her work. With a background as a makeup artist, model scout, and a keen interest in interior design, she possesses an eye for aesthetics.


Her diverse skill set enables her to create visually stunning graphics and captivating films, often featuring herself as the star, in scroll-stopping reels.

Hailing from Serbia, Tanja's upbringing in a culturally rich environment has fostered her passion for art and design. Her constant travels across the globe serve as an endless source of inspiration, allowing her to infuse her work with an international flair.


Vladimir, a multifaceted artist, breathes life into every endeavor he undertakes. With a background in photography, film, and an undeniable prowess on the dance floor, he effortlessly infuses creativity into all aspects of his work, including graphic design and reel creation.

Beyond his technical expertise, Vladimir's ability to captivate audiences stems from his innate ability to connect emotionally with his subjects and viewers alike.


His unwavering dedication and attention to detail demonstrate his genuine love and care for every project he takes on.

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